Monthly 500

Our next draw takes place on
Saturday December 5th, 2020

Welcome to the Monthly 500 Draw, your chance to win the top prize of €500 or two runner up prizes of €50!

Just use your Paypal account or your Debit/Credit Card to complete the €10 entry fee below, and make sure to enter your details correctly!

Entries are accepted until 6pm on the date of the draw. Any entries received after that time will be added to the next month’s draw. Draw numbers will be available to view on this page at 7.00pm on the date of the draw and it takes place at 8pm.
Winners of €500 and €50 prizes will be notified by phone and/or email where appropriate. You can watch the draw live on our Facebook Page.

Draw Entries: October 31st, 2020

Susan CarrigTarbert1
Brian CarrigTarbert2
Ben SheehanTarbert3
Jack SheehanTarbert4
Evan, Ryan & Paige CollinsTarbert5
Brian, Susan, Aoibh & Sarah CarrigTarbert6
Ali SheehanTarbert7
Cormac KellyTarbert8
Sarah CarrigTarbert9
Aoibh CarrigTarbert10
Tony FennellTarbert11
Clodagh LeahyKilmorna12
Luke LynchMoyvane13
Maurice O’ConnorKnocknagoshel14
Ann WoulfeKilmorna15
Donal FoleyBallybunion16
Pa FoleyLisselton17
Deirdre SheehyLisselton18
Bernie MahoneyTarbert19
John & Nora LynchMoyvane20
Gary Culhane c/o Wesley WrenTarbert21
Ned & Mary HollandTarbert22
Des DalyListowel23
John NevilleTarbert24
Danny WrenTarbert25
Leo WrenTarbert26
Mark BuckleyTarbert27
Michael WrenBallinoe28
Ava WrenTarbert29
Sean HollyTarbert30
Mike O’SullivanMoyvane31
Collette FoleyTarbert32
Avril FoleyTarbert33
Conor BreenTarbert34
James WrenTarbert35
Mike O’ConnorListowel36
Tadgh, Ella & Sean O’ConnellTarbert37
Eta O’ConnellTarbert38
Patsy O’ConnellTarbert39
Paddy O’ConnellTarbert40
Winnie CarrigTarbert41
Noelle & Ambrose LaniganTarbert42
Joe FlynnListowel43
John & Jackie O’ConnellTarbert44
John O’ConnellTarbert45
Anthony StackTarbert46
Ann StackTarbert47
Padraig CarrigTarbert48
Sean CarrigTarbert49
Mike CarrigTarbert50
Nora & Dan O’ConnellTarbert51
Tony WhiteTarbert52
Tom CarrollTarbert53
Joe PatwellTarbert54
Shane StackTarbert55
Kieran DenihanMallow56
Noel HartTarbert57
Mary ToomeyListowel58
Kenneth O’GormanListowel59
Angela O’GormanMoyvane60
Johnny WrenBallinoe61
Luke & Emily FlynnTralee62
Eugene SweeneyMoyvane63
Elaine O’ConnorBallinoe64
Tara O’ConnorBallinoe65
Patrick MoloneyBallinoe66
D. O. O’ConnorBallinoe67
Gavin & Cian O’ConnorBallinoe68
Billy & Joan MoloneyBallinoe69
Mary O’ConnorBallinoe70
Eoin DigginsTarbert71
Jamie DigginsTarbert72
Martina O’LearyTarbert73
Marian O’LearyTarbert74
Rachel NevinCork75
Eddie O’ConnorTarbert76
Kay DigginsTarbert77
John DigginsBallyduff78
Patrick & Joan LynchTarbert79
Mary CoolahanTarbert80
Michael Joe CoolahanTarbert81
Padraig CoolahanTarbert82
Milo KellyTarbert83
Michael LaniganTarbert84
Sean CoolahanTarbert85
Sean CoolahanTarbert86
Sean CoolahanTarbert87
Mia Kelly c/o Kitty KellyTarbert88
Gavin BreenTarbert89
Cillian LanganTarbert90
Eddie O’GormanMoyvane91
Patrick O’DonnellTarbert92
John O’DowdTarbert93
Jack O’DowdTarbert94
Mike HoulihanTarbert95
Mike HoulihanTarbert96
Finola WrenTarbert97
Michael HeaphyTarbert98
Brian HeaphyTarbert99
John KennedyTarbert100
Noel KennedyTarbert101
Thomas CreganTarbert102
Fidelma CreganTarbert103
James NormileTarbert104
Micheal NormileTarbert105
Andrew FlavinTarbert106
Ian FlavinTarbert107
Lorna GraceClonmel108
Gerald O’SullivanTarbert109
John HennessyAdare110
Ann O’ConnellTarbert111
Colm KellyNew York112
Paddy CreedonTarbert113
Johnny MulvihillTarbert114
Fr. John O’ConnorTarbert115
Mike KielyTarbert116
Micheal LaniganTarbert117
Conor LaniganTarbert118
Noreen DenihanTarbert119
Stephen Denihan Sr.Tarbert120
Steve DenihanTarbert121
Tony DenihanTarbert122
Annie CoolahanTarbert123
Joe CoolahanTarbert124
Anna, Kate, John & Michael CoolahanTarbert125
Shea McDonnellTarbert126
Alf & Diane McDonnellTarbert127
Cathal & Mike HollyTarbert128
PJ NormileTarbert129
PJ NormileTarbert130
Kathleen O’ConnellTarbert131
Cormac WallTarbert132
Colin GordonSligo133
Shane & Niamh WallTarbert134
James CarrigTarbert135
Seamus CarrigTarbert136
Mary HennessyTarbert137
Mark FitzellAughinish138
Mark FitzellAughinish139
Mark FitzellAughinish140
Kevin EnrightTarbert141
Tom & Stella EnrightTarbert142
Dromclough NSDromclough143
David FennellLenamore144
David FennellLenamore145
David FennellLenamore146
Ann FinucaneTarbert147
Ann FinucaneTarbert148
Ann FinucaneTarbert149
Eamon O’CallaghanTarbert150
Rachel SmythTarbert151
Michelle WoodsTarbert152
Johnny BlockTarbert153
Paddy MoriartyTarbert154
John CareyListowel155
Henry O’DonnellTarbert156
Ciaran LaniganCastletroy157
Bridget BurkeDublin158
Kim HeffernanTarbert159
Selina LynchListowel160
Larry ReganKnocknagoshel161
Maura AbbottMoyvane162
Nicola EnnisDublin163
Kathleen LeahyTarbert164
Evan AllenTarbert165
Kieran DenihanTarbert166
Gerard ScannellDublin167
Ailsing DenihanTarbert168
Noreen DenihanTarbert169
Paddy GriffinBallylongford170
Noreen DenihanTarbert171
Gavin DenihanTarbert172
Laura SheehyTarbert173
Darren GlancyLeitrim174
Marguerite HorganKnockanure175
Lisa WoodsMallow176
Shirley O’ConnellTarbert177
Síomha WallTarbert178
Adrian O’LearyTarbert179
William FlahertyTarbert180
Yvonne O’Keefe FoxTarbert181
Donnacha EnrightTarbert182
Donnacha EnrightTarbert183
Laura LaveryTarbert184
Noreen LennonChicago185
Steve Denihan SnrTarbert186
Mary O’ConnorTarbert187
Mary O’ConnorTarbert188
Mary HollyMoyvane189
Katie HollyGlin190
Garry ForanTarbert191
Sean MulvihillTarbert192
Siobhan StackTarbert193
Eleanor CoolahanLyrecrompane194
Niall FitzgeraldMoyvane195
Michael FinucaneTarbert196
Margaret CarmodyTarbert197
Niall StackTarbert198
Pat O’LearyTarbert199
Noel BrosnanTarbert200
Colm AbbottMoyvane201
Patsy KelleghanAthea202
Patsy KelleghanAthea203
Patsy KelleghanAthea204
Eleanor SheehanTarbert205
Shane SheehanTarbert206
Jack, Ben & Ali SheehanTarbert207
John StackTarbert208
John StackTarbert209
John StackTarbert210
Donnacha FinucaneTarbert211
Donnacha FinucaneTarbert212
Donnacha FinucaneTarbert213
Michael HennessyTarbert214
Michael HennessyTarbert215
Michael HennessyTarbert216
David FinucaneTarbert217
David FinucaneTarbert218
David FinucaneTarbert219
Sean FinucaneTarbert220
Sean FinucaneTarbert221
Sean FinucaneTarbert222
Mike & Teresa SheehanTarbert223
Mike & Teresa SheehanTarbert224
Mike & Teresa SheehanTarbert225
Sean, Chris & Matt FinucaneTarbert226
Sean, Chris & Matt FinucaneTarbert227
Sean, Chris & Matt FinucaneTarbert228
Maurice & MikeAughinish229
Maurice & MikeAughinish230
Maurice & MikeAighinish231
Jeremiah CreganNew York232